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Why Pen-Drive classes are better than Live Virtual or Face-To-Face Physical Classes?

With the advent of growing technology, the educational industry has taken huge leaps in the past few years. Also, COVID-19 pandemic has played a significant role in digitizing the educational industry. Virtual classes, Zoom Classes, recorded lectures and Pen-Drive classes have become the most prominent method of studying. Although the scale of the pandemic has turned down to a great extent as compared to the situations that prevailed a few months back. However, it is still highly advisable that students should stay at home and resort to studying through digital methods of learning and more specifically with pen-drive lectures.

It is because there are multiple advantages of pen-drive lectures as compared to other formats of digital education. Pen-Drive classes are one of the most cost-effective and time-efficient methods of studying.

Here are some of the prominent reasons, why one should prefer Pen-Drive classes over Virtual Live Classes or Physical Classes:

Class Timing : One of the biggest issues faced with students in the punctuality. Students need to be committed to attend live classes and be punctual with their schedule. No matter, whether the classes are virtual live classes or physically conducted face-to-face classes, students 90% of the times, students face difficulty in keeping with the pace of coaching classes. However, this factor is eliminated when you study through pen-drive lectures because you can never be late for the class that starts with the click of your button.

Mobility - You don’t need to move to another city : Usually, students have to move to other cities in search of better teachers. They have to completely change their lifestyle and adapt to newer environments which is a lot to handle along with syllabus preparation burden. Pen-drive classes allow you to stream lectures from wherever you are. You do not need to change your current location or move away from your home town. You can get the best of the faculties to teach you at your home.

100% Course Coverage : In many cases, students ought to miss a few lectures due to unforeseen reasons. In some cases, the student is even found to be complaining about teachers skipping some important parts of the syllabus, asking students to study the topics by themselves. This is the usual trauma which is very common in live physical classes.

However, in pen-drive classes, the lectures are structured and planned in accordance with the syllabus. Each video has dedicated streaming time for every topic and no topics are left uncovered by the faculties.

Control : When you are sitting in a class, you cannot always ask your teacher to give a break whenever you want. You have a whole class of students sitting with you. Also, the teacher has their schedule to stick to. In simple words, lives classes demands commitment to sit through the whole lecture. Although, the students develop a habit of sitting in classes for long hours. However, it somehow affects the grasping power and effective learning abilities of the under-study.

On the other hand, Pen-Drive classes provide you with full control over the class duration. You can pause, play, rewind, revise and re-watch the lecture as per your convenience. This gives you control over your study behaviour and helps you study more effectively. Student can watch lectures on their pc, mobile phone, tablet etc. as per their time convenience, in their study-room, library, terrace, or any place which they find suitable for study environment.

Cost-Effective : Live classes cost way too more because there is only one teacher and the classrooms have a limit. As a result, students have to pay higher fees. Although there are classes which may cost less compared to others, however, the class-rooms in such cases are stuffed with students, resulting in dis-comfort, nuisance and lowered learning efficiency of sincere students. Pen-drive classes, on the other hand, are simply multiple copies of a single lecture. As a result, the cost gets distributed and the fees burden on each student is comparatively less.

Accessibility : In the case of live classes, you can only approach the faculties available in your city. However, pen-drive classes endure you with an option to even choose the best faculty from any corner of the country. You can not only learn every subject from the respective teacher of your choice, but you have the option to do so at a comparatively lower cost, in your comfort-study zone and at your preferred study time.

But what about the doubts during the class? : One of the biggest concerns with students with the pen-drive lectures is that who will clear the doubts? Well, the question arises because of the lack of awareness. Major pen-drive class service providers also provide 24*7 doubt-clearing assistance to the students through WhatsApp Messenger, Phone Call, Email etc. As a result, if a student is facing any difficulty, then they should immediately contact the concerned person through given contact details and they can get their queries resolved ASAP.

6 Month Day Wise Strategy Plan for Clearing CA Final Exams in 1st Attempt

CA Final exams are one of the toughest examinations not only in India but across the globe. This is primarily because the number of students passing the exams is highly small compared to the number of students appearing for exams. Only 3 to 8% students appearing for the CA Final exams make it through overall, let alone the number of students clearing it in the very first attempt.

To clear your CA Final exams in 1st attempt, you will need at least 6 months to prepare your best. If you have more than 6 months, you already have a great chance of not only clearing the exams with passing marks but you can bag an All India Rank with proper planning and execution.

Let’s understand the 6-month plan in detail - The 6 months (180 Days) study plan consists of 3 stages:

  • In-Depth Study (4 Months or 120 Days)
  • Revisions & Overviews
  • Last Day Revisions

1. In-Depth Study: (First 120 Days)

  • CA Final examinations consist of 8 different papers. You have to classify the syllabus of these papers and dedicate 15 days for an in-depth study of each subject.
  • During these 15 days, students must make a list of all the topics and try to complete the schedule within 12 or 13 days. During these days, the student shall completely study all the study materials, practise manuals & other notes.
  • Within the last 2-3 days, one can undertake a quick revision of all the topics and try to solve a past examination paper by strictly by setting a clock of 3 hours in a confined exam room like environment.
  • This will help you in understanding your weak and strong topics from the subject. You can make a list of these topics, which will be helpful in the 2nd and 3rd stages of preparations.
  • While some students might think that 15 days are too less for one paper, it is important to understand that the connectivity with the subject may lose if studied for a longer period. You need to strictly plan your daily schedule hour-wise and dedicate specific hours to respective topics of each subject. In the case of some subjects/papers, the students may even be able to complete all of this in less than 15 days period.
  • Please Note: During this period of 15 days, you need to mark or highlight the important statements, formulas, sentences so that in 2nd and 3rd revision stage, you only need to focus on the highlighted content.

2. Revisions & Over-view: (Next 50 Days)

  • You have invested 120 out of 180 days in your 1st stage in-depth study of the CA-Final Syllabus. Now you have 60 days to exams. Many students fear that they will forget the syllabus and pointers that they studied during the 1st stage preparations.
  • Hence, out of these 60 days you need to take around 50 days and dedicate 6 days to each subject for revision & over-view (6 Days x 8 Subjects = 48 Days ~ 50 Days).
  • During this period, the students shall go through all the highlighted topics which have been star-marked during the 1st Stage of study.
  • In the 2nd stage also, students shall revise the syllabus for 5 days and solve a mock-test paper on the 6th day. This will be highly helpful in pointing out the topics where the student needs to focus and will mentally prepare them for handling the exam pressure in real exams.

3. Last Day Revisions: (Last 10 Days & Intermediate Days between exams)

  • This is most precious and valuable time as after 10 days your exam will going to start. During the last 10 days, students can adopt either one of the strategies
  • Strategy 1: Dedicate first 2 days to prepare for paper no. 4 next 2 days to prepare for paper no. 3, next 2 days to prepare for paper no. 2 and last 4 days for preparing for paper no. 1.
  • Strategy 2: You can dedicate the first 7 days for preparing for paper 8 to paper 2 in reverse order and study for paper 1 for the last 3 days.

This purely depends on the type of student, their study behaviour, their grasping power etc. If a student strictly adheres to this strategy while preparing for the examination, it would become highly likely to clear India’s toughest examinations in their very first attempt.

General Tips on ‘How to clear for CA Final examinations in 1st Attempt?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “By Failing to Prepare, you are preparing to fail”. CA Final exams are one exams. This is why it is important to prepare yourself from head to toe for the exams. Tof the toughest here are a lot of things that every CA student shall keep in mind while preparing for CA Final Examinations. However, here are some of the most important and significant tips that you should keep in mind if you sincerely want to clear the CA Final Examinations in 1st Attempt.

  • Since you are appearing for a CA Final exam for the first time, you need at least 6 months to study the course in-depth and undertaker revisions.
  • Avoid group studies. They are a lot of distraction and ultimately result in time wastage. Everyone has a different type of study pattern, grasping power, study interest, study schedule and much more. Being in group study would make your efforts comparatively less effective. Study alone as per your convenience.
  • Join a library. In case, you are not finding the right environment to study at your home or the place where you are staying during the preparation period. Libraries are filled with people who are preparing for the same thing. Looking at their dedication, you feel competitive and motivated to study more.
  • Adopt Social Distancing even if the pandemic is over. This is because, going out too much to meet friends, relatives, classmates, colleagues, etc. will result in distraction from your centre of concentration i.e. CA Final exams. You don’t need distractions which may tell you that either your strategy is wrong, or you are not preparing hard enough or you are pushing it way too much. No one knows you better than yourself, this is why try to stay in your own space for the time being and study in the manner which you think is the best for yourself.
  • Appear in the mock tests or join online or offline test series. Many coaching institutes as well as ICAI conducts mock tests for individual subjects. They provide you exam like environment where you can’t discuss answers and have to complete the 100 marks paper within 3 hours. This will not only prepare you for handling the exam pressure but will also help you in identifying your weak sections & topics of the respective subjects.
  • While your ultimate target is to clear CA Final exams with good marks in the first attempt, make short targets. Accomplishing these targets will keep you motivated to keep working hard.
  • One big question which people usually ask is how much time do you need to dedicate daily? Well, the answer is relative to the study behaviour of every student. It depends on how much time every student usually spends on completing a topic. More commonly, the people start studying for 5-6 hours in initial days, and then escalate it to 9-10 hours & then 12-13 hours a day. In the last months, the most crucial time, people ought to study for 15-16 hours a day by compromising their sleep & other daily habits.
  • The ICAI does not have any pattern or trend while designing papers, so it is better to cover every single topic, rather than focusing on some (hypothetically) important topics and leaving some topics as a gamble of luck. Every topic is important when it comes to CA Final. However, due to some unforeseen conditions, if you are unable to keep up with your schedule, then at the end, you can skip some topics which have a larger syllabus, but comparatively smaller average weightage in past exams.
  • Never forget to prepare yourself for last day revisions. Shortlist questions and theory and revise it again so that the whole course can be covered on exam day. Start preparing your summary from the very start. Make written notes, as they are extremely quick to revise.
  • Never lose your calm during the examination. Some times situations may compel you to panic but you need to get your senses to normal and focus on the ultimate target.
  • If a paper is tough, don't lose your hope for the further papers. It is most likely, that when a paper is tough, the marking is done accordingly.
  • Work on finishing the exam in time and answering all the questions. Don’t fret your energy on presentation & writing skills. Stick to basic presentation skills only.
  • If you are someone who is motivated by competition, then find a strategic partner who gives you a positive, healthy and challenging competition.
  • Avoid using your phone. Initially, start by reducing your phone time hours, and eventually start uninstalling the apps that distract you the most. In the last 2 months, try to completely switch to a call & SMS only, keypad phone from a smartphone.

These are some of the most important tips that you should follow and keep in mind at all times while preparing for the CA Final Examinations.